U.S. Shipping and Handling is No Longer Free.

For decades, we have incorporated First Class postage within the US into the Single User product cost.

Many computers these days don't have optical drives, so email is fine for those customers. Getting a disk is now optional, and its cost has to cover the disk itself, the case, the envelope, the Sample Sheet, the postage, and the time for the Fulfillment person to write the disk, assemble the package, drive to the Post Office, stand in line, pay at least $5 for postage, and drive back. We just can't aborb all that anymore.

We now charge $5 within the US if you want a DVD when you order a Single User license or upgrade a Single User license. There is no charge for Business licenses or Site Licenses.

If you are outside the US, your package with the disk will go First Class. Our experience is one week to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We charge actual shipping costs, $17 or more, depending on where you are.

If you really, really need Express Mail, we can accommodate that if you pay the cost.