Educational Fontware, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells handwriting fonts based on workbooks produced by companies listed at the end of this page, whose registered trademark (®) or copyright (©) marks are asterisked (*) below.

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Yes, our fonts work on Sonoma, the newest Mac operating system.  However, Microsoft Word 2019 version 16.78 and newer has a bug in it such that Word no longer can access multiple TrueType fonts in a single suitcase, the way we have previously distributed our fonts.  Our downloads and DVD dated 12/27/23 solve the problem.  And we have workarounds.  See Mac Known Problems.

The fonts are compatible through Windows 11, Word 2010 and newer, and Mac OS 10.11 and newer, Word 2011 and newer. We also have older Mac installers that work on Macs as old as 10.6.8. We always test our fonts and installers whenever there is a new release from Apple or Microsoft, to make sure that everything still works.

NOTE: These fonts DO NOT WORK with Google Docs, Chromebooks, or tablets. Google has restricted their products to use only the Google Font Collection, no one else’s.  These fonts also do not work on iPads.  You must have a Mac or Windows computer to use these fonts.

Each purchase of a Teacher Pack License gets you all the fonts on this page (if you pay for a DVD, else one font family via download). Teacher Pack licenses are sold to teachers in public schools, private schools, homeschools, therapy rooms (OTs), parents of students, tutors - anybody who teachers others, including oneself. A Business Project License gets you one font family.

Note that the cursive alphabet letters shown in the boxes below are NOT connected - they are individual letters only - followed by a linked sample.

If you know which font you want, click on the name below, or if you aren't sure, scroll though the samples below until you find letters that work for you.

Clicking on the name of the font family (in blue) below will open a printable page of the font variations in the font family. There are 38 different font families - a lot of scrolling! - so we put the 3 most popular ones on top, followed by the rest in alphabetic order.

Handwriting Without Tears® - style* (HWT) variation

Note: Our HWT font family also has Spanish accents for both Manuscript and connected Cursive. See Spanish HWT below.

Getty-Dubay® Italic - style* (GDI) variations

A Beka® - style* (AB) variations

Benson variations

Bob Jones University© - style* (CCU) variations

Cursive First© - style (CF) variations*

CursiveLogic© - style (CL) variations*

Direct Instruction This font allows a teacher to make up reading lists using the Direct Instruction letter sounds.

DKL and DKR variations

D'Nealian® - style* (DN) variations

Note: The DN font family comes with accents for French, German and Spanish, both Manuscript and connected Cursive. See French DN, German DN, and Spanish DN below.

Dysfunctional Letterforms. These fonts help an OT prepare IEP reports showing various ways a student incorrectly makes letters.

Fingerletters These two fonts show how to hold fingers to spell out words in ASL.

French D'Nealian® - style* (FDN) variations (Note: The regular DN Manuscript fonts are also equipped with French accents. These better match the keyboard.)

Frank Schaffer© - style* (FS) variations

German D'Nealian® - style* (GDN) variations (Note: The regular DN Manuscript fonts are equipped with German accents.)

Harcourt Brace® - style* (HB) variations

Hawaiian D'Nealian® - style* (HI DN) variations

Hawaiian Palmer® - style* (HI NP) variations

Hawaiian Zaner-Bloser® - style* (HI ZB) variations

Loops and Other Groups© - style* (LG) variations

McDougal, Littell© - style* (McD) variations

Mexican - style (MX) variations

Montessori - style (Mont) variations

New South Wales - style* (NSW) variations - Australian fonts

Palmer© - style* (NP = New Palmer, VP = Vintage Palmer) variations

Peterson Directed Handwriting© - style* (PM) variations

PenTime© - style* (PT) variations

Queensland (QM) variations - Australian fonts

Russian (RU) variations

Rhythm of Handwriting style (RH) variations

Seattle School District style (SSD) variations

Spalding - style* (RS) variations

Spanish D'Nealian® - style* (SDN) variations (Note: The regular DN Manuscript fonts are equipped with Spanish accents.)

Spanish Handwriting Without Tears® - style* (SHWT) variation

Spencer variations - these are NOT Spencerian

Steck Vaughn© - style* (SV) variations

SuperKids® - style* (SK) variations

Victoria (VM) variations - Australian fonts

Zaner-Bloser® - Simplified style* (ZB) variations

Zaner-Bloser® - Traditional style* (OZ = Old style ZB) variations

Specialty (SP) font variations

specialty fonts information

Decorative (DF) font variations

*Fine Print

Our handwriting fonts are not endorsed by the workbook publishers below. The fonts are intended to be a supplement to their workbooks.

Apple Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

DN Cursive, DN Manuscript, ZB Cursive, ZB Manuscript, OZ Cursive, OZ Manuscript, HB Cursive, HB Manuscript, HWT Manuscript, HWT Cursive, PM Cursive, PM Block, PM Slant, McD Cursive, and McD Manuscript are trademarks of Educational Fontware, Inc (EFI). LinkLetter and UndoLinkletter are copyrighted by EFI.

*A Beka is a registered trademark of Pensacola Christian College. EFI based this font on the style shown in workbooks developed by A Beka Book, Inc. EFI, however, is in no way affiliated with Pensacola Christian College, Inc., A Beka Book, Inc., A Beka Academy, Inc. or A Beka Foundation, Inc.

*Our Benson fonts complement the workbooks and material from Perfection Learning Corp.

*Our CCU fonts are based on materials copyrighted by Bob Jones University.

*Cursive First is a copyright of LITHBTH Publishing. Our fonts were developed to support the Cursive First workbook and the Spell to Write and Read© methodology.

*CursiveLogic is a copyright of CursiveLogic Publishing. Our fonts were developed to support the CursiveLogic workbook and methodology.

*Workbooks using the DK fonts are available from Educators Publishing Service, Inc, 31 Smith Place, Cambridge, MA, 02138-1000; 1-800-225-5750

*D'Nealian is a registered trademark of Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley Publishing Company.

*We developed our FS fonts using materials copyrighted by Frank Schaffer Publishing.

*Getty-Dubay® Italic is a registered trademark of Handwriting Success, LLC.  It is a handwriting method developed by Barbara M. Getty and Inga S. Dubay. We worked with Ms Getty and Ms Dubay to develop our GDI fonts. What we are selling are the original fonts developed with them.  Subsequently, newer font versions have been developed, not sold by us.  For more information about their teaching materials, see their website:

*Handwriting Without Tears is a registered trademark of Jan Z. Olsen.

*Harcourt Brace is a registered trademark of Harcourt Brace & Company.

Our LG fonts are based on Loops and Other Groups, copyrighted by Therapy Skill Builders.

*Our McD fonts are based on materials copyrighted by McDougal, Littell & Company.

*We did a font for the Advanced Methods Publishing Company (AMCO) that is the basis for our Mexican set of fonts.

*Our Mont fonts are based on materials made by Maria Montessori, the handwriting of Mrs. Justus, and wonderful suggestions from Mary Lowry.

*We used copyrighted workbooks from Pascal Press in Australia as a basis for our EFI NSW fonts.

*Palmer is copyrighted by Macmillan Company. Palmer Method is ® by the A N Palmer Company.

*We developed the Pentime (PT) fonts for JKL Services, who use the fonts to produce handwriting materials for the Amish community.

*We worked with the people at Peterson Directed Handwriting and used their copyrighted materials to develop our PM fonts. Their web site is

*We developed our Queensland fonts using workbooks by Horowitz Martin Education.

*We developed our RH fonts using Rhythm of Handwriting workbooks by Logic of English® .   

*We developed our RS fonts using workbooks by HarperCollins, particularly The Writing Road to Reading, by Romalda Spalding.

*We developed the Seattle School District (SSD) fonts using a 1993 K-5 handwriting manual called Write It Right, published by Seattle Public Schools.

*Our SK fonts are based on fonts we produced for Rowland Reading Foundation to use in their Superkids (® Rowland Reading Foundation, Inc) program.

*We were told that Spencer handwriting is used in Central and South America, but have not been able to find any information about this style.

*We developed our SV fonts using materials copyrighted by Steck Vaughn Company.

*We used copyrighted workbooks from Macmillan Education Australia to develop our Victoria Modern fonts.

*We developed our ZB and OZ fonts using materials copyrighted by Zaner-Bloser, Inc.