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There are three categories of Business Licenses:

Print/.pdf License. Those products that are produced on paper or static .pdfs on a website. Cannot be modified by a purchaser.

App License. Those products containing our fonts that are built into an app for a mobile device or computer.

Online Use License. This license allows you to create a website whereby the users of your site can make up their own handwriting lessons using our fonts.

Print/.pdf Business Project License, $300 for a Small Publisher

Businesses whose product is printed materials may buy a Business Project License here: Business Project License, $300

That license allows the business to use a single font family on up to 10 seats (simultaneous users). You can use our fonts to produce printed material or static (non-changeable) .pdfs, and you can furnish our fonts to your printer for the purpose of producing your material. The printer cannot use the fonts for someone else. We do not claim any kind of copyright on anything you produce using our fonts.

That is, anything on paper or video is free game, but anything electronic should be such that the purchaser of your product does not get full use of our fonts for free. Specifically, you may not use our fonts in your product if the user of your product can make up handwriting worksheets. If you plan to do that, please contact us.

Additional seats cost $30 more each.

***Want more than one font family? Sure. $300 for one; $500 for two; $600 for ALL of them (!).***

Please email us which font family you want: . You will receive download links for both Mac and Windows installers as soon as we get email verifying that your purchase was completed. The installers include a User Guide. The next day, we will ship you a disk that contains the Mac and Windows installers, and uncompressed fonts in .ttf format. If you really, really need .otfs, tell us and we can furnish those.

If you need it desperately — Right Now! — call us (1-800-806-2155) with a Visa, Discover, or MC in hand, we'll send you a download link, the disk to follow by mail. We do try to help.

If you buy online, you may use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express cards that have a registered billing address to make PayPal payments.

App Business License

These are negotiated, based on expected sales volume. It starts at $300. If you are a one-man shop with great hopes, it's one thing. If you represent a major corporation, that's another. (Yes, if you're a non-profit company you will get a better price than a big for-profit one.) We'd like to encourage and be fair to the little guys, and fair to ourselves for the big companies. Call 1-800-806-2155 at a reasonable hour and ask for Dave Thompson, the company president.

Online Use License

This is negotiated, and apt to be priced high, since this business will compete directly with our font sales. Call 1-800-806-2155 ask for Dave Thompson, the company president.

Dave's direct email:

Thank you for your interest.

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