For Publishers

Yes, we do support publishers in their use of our fonts! You can use the fonts to produce anything you want in print, in webpages, or as .pdfs. What you produce is your copyright. We will convert the normal TrueType fonts to PostScript for one font family, at no cost, if you purchase a Business License. The Business Project License allows the publisher to use one designated font family on up to 10 seats. A font family usually consists of about 9 Cursive and about 15 Manuscript fonts. Both Macintosh and Windows installers are provided.

We do not claim any kind of copyright on anything you produce using our fonts, provided that your product does not include our fonts in a usable electronic form. That is, anything on paper or video is free game, but anything electronic should be such that the purchaser of your product does not get full use of our fonts for free.

You can use our fonts to produce printed material, and you can furnish our fonts to your printer for the purpose of producing your material. The printer cannot use the fonts for someone else.

We ask that the publisher/author include a small blurb in the legal area to the effect that "The fonts used in producing this book can be purchased from Educational Fontware, Inc," Including this is not required - but we would like your customers to know where to get our fonts.

Do you design custom fonts? Will you modify your own fonts for us?

Yes to both. If you want a custom font designed, we can do that. Designing cursive fonts from scratch is not cheap - figure on $3,000 as a ballpark number. Manuscript font families are about a third of that. We can modify any of our products in any way you want, and can tell you when things will get expensive.


There are four ways that you can contact us for more information, or to order any of our products:

Call 1-800-806-2155 (our free Tech Support and order number). We take orders over the phone. We're near Seattle, WA, Pacific time zone.

Fax 1-877-729-9810

Businesses whose product is printed materials may buy a Business Project License here: Business Project License, $300

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